Rangelands act as nature’s factories.

Sunlight is converted into vegetation that produces oxygen and sequesters carbon. The land, when covered with diverse vegetation, also serves as a sponge, slowing rain as it hits the land, funneling it into aquifers below or filtering it as it runs into streams, rivers and lakes and eventually into saltwater estuaries.

Rangelands also provide wildlife habitat and the viewsheds that lift the human spirit.

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On the Elk Trail: Episode 2 – Elk Migration

In 2018, a biologist and a filmmaker used camera traps to film the entire fall migration of an elk herd in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem of western Wyoming. During the project’s first week a snowstorm […]

Wild Horses Can Prevent Out-of-Control Wildfires Out West, Researcher Says. Here’s How

Roaming wild horses may help cut down on the size and intensity of wildfires out west, according to research from the Wild Horse Fire Brigade.  

Stewardship with Vision – Episode 2: Malpai Borderlands Group

  In the high desert of southern Arizona and New Mexico, almost a million acres of important habitats and nearly 30 at-risk species are being protected and conserved…by a coalition of ranchers who manage from […]

Rotational Cattle Grazing to Restore Degraded Chihuahuan Desert Grasslands and Promote Watershed Health

Describing the Mimms Ranch in Marfa, Texas, the authors write, “The Foundation aims for practical conservation, with the belief that restored grasslands improve overall watershed health, resources for native wildlife, and continued support of ranching.” […]

The Shooter

The World’s Greatest Wildlife Photographer A Nebraska native, Thomas Mangelsen’s love of nature, his life outdoors and business success were heavily influenced by his father. An avid sportsman, Harold Mangelsen took his sons to favorite […]

World Record Deer Migration Visualized In 3D For The First Time

   This deer passed close by Pitchstone Waters, which is 5-miles southwest of the southwest corner of Yellowstone Park in Idaho.   NOTE: this post was originally published to this site on December 9, […]

Wild Horses are Neither Pets nor Vermin

The wild horse “crisis” is about ideologies, not biology. Western wild horse management remains aground on the rocks of the competing dogmas of horse proponents and horse opponents. One side wants horses “gone”, while the […]

All About American Bison (aka Buffalo) for Kids

   This is also very interesting for grownups.

Management Comparison – Allan Savory

   One minute of your attention could save civilization as we know it.

Alone in a New World With Vast Open Space, and Sheep

“ At Pitchstone Waters, our goat herders are seasonal workers from Peru.  

My Wild Land: Terry Creek Ranch – Trailer

  Al and Barb Johnson have witnessed the changing landscape of the West firsthand on their ranch, and in the surrounding area. Their land isn’t just home to a leased cattle operation, but also is […]

My Wild Land: Bischoff Ranch – Trailer

My Wild Land: BISCHOFF RANCH – Trailer from Wyoming Migration Initiative on Vimeo.   “Keeping a ranch afloat in a volatile market is a story that hits too close to home for Tyrell Bischoff. After […]

Wyoming’s Big Game Migrations 50 Years after the Creation of the Wilderness Areas

   “Pitchstone Waters is just west of the Winegar Hole and Jedidiah Smith Wilderness Areas shown in this video. At this time, elk are migrating out of the Parks through us as an early […]

Lose Grazing Animals, Gain Wildfires

“As discussed below, well-managed domestic cattle, bison, other livestock and grazing animals can restore ecosystems and biodiversity, upcycle grasses humans can’t eat into bioavailable nutrition, reduce wildfire risk, and help us create a better planet […]

Goats Clearing Meadows and Forest at Pitchstone Waters #4

   On the Fall River in Idaho, 5-miles from the southwest corner of Yellowstone Park, we use goats instead of herbicides to control weeds and stimulate grasses in sagebrush meadows. Fourth in a series. […]

My Wild Land: The Place – Trailer

My Wild Land: THE PLACE – Trailer from Wyoming Migration Initiative on Vimeo.   “The Hellyer family sees ranching as a lifestyle, one they are not willing to compromise. In the face of a market […]

Where the Buffalo Roam, Endangered Prairies Thrive

“As discussed in the article below, when bison were allowed to graze through patches of tallgrass prairie, they boosted native plant species richness by a whopping 86 percent.   Cattle and other domestics animals – […]

Goats Clearing Meadows and Forest at Pitchstone Waters #3

Goats Clearing Meadows and Forest at Pitchstone Waters #3 from Christopher Gill on Vimeo.   Third in a series: On the Fall River in Idaho, 5-miles from the southwest corner of Yellowstone Park, we use […]

Researchers Designing Rugged Virtual Fence Tech for Animal Management

As discussed below, a ‘virtual’ fence system for livestock is under development at the University of Idaho.   Several “virtual fence” systems have been designed through the years. They have mostly failed.   If successful […]

Wild Horses Could Keep Wildfire At Bay

Wild horse advocate Bill Simpson explains how wild horses are reducing fire hazard on the Oregon-California border.  

Losing the Forest for the Trees

“In this excellent article from PERC (Property and Environment Research Center), the free market environmental think tank based in Bozeman, the authors explain why forest thinning and complementary restoration efforts help protect watersheds, enhance wildlife habitat, store […]

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