Plow and Tractor for Desert Grassland Keyline Subsoiling

What plow and tractor combination is most cost effective for restoring desert grassland with Keyline water practices?

We call our method of desert grassland restoration Drought Busters. It combines: (1) subsoil plowing, (2) water harvesting from eroding gullies and roadbeds, (3) animal impact from holistic planned grazing of cattle, and (4) animal impact from a large, diverse wild animal population.

This video discuss equipment for Keyline subsoil plowing. Over 30 American companies make plows that can be used for Keyline contour subsoiling.

Using different kinds and combinations of equipment, in the last nine years we have treated thousands of acres under Keyline principles. Experience has taught us that “less is more.” Small plows and tractors, like the combination in this video, can achieve the desired result at the lowest cost per acre.

Video: Cost-effective Plow and Tractor Combos for Drought Busting

Plow & Tractor for Keyline Subsoiling of Desert Grasslands from Christopher Gill on Vimeo.

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