Wyman Meinzer’s West Texas

A beautiful portrayal of a unique part of our country.


NOTE: this post was originally published on February 17, 2017, and then again on August 5, 2021.


Wyman Meinzer, the Texas State Photographer, used to live in the old jail in Benjamin, TX. The photo of the coiled rattlesnake appeared on the cover of a wildlife magazine in the 80’s. He said there were times he crawled a long way on his belly to get a good shot of a wild animal.

The music is by Doug Smith. Doug is from Petersburg, Texas and lives south of town. Doug plays by ear- He cannot read music, but has many CDs. A pickup accident left Doug paralyzed and he does not play anymore.

Most of the pictures were taken in the rolling plains (cap rock to Seymour, the Fork, 6666, and Waggoner Ranches). There are some scenes in Palo Duro Canyon, as well as far-West Texas.
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  • Your video is great. My mom`s uncle Doc used to be sheriff in Benjamin Tx. I hear that you lived in the old jail house. My mom`s uncle doc put me in that jail when I was a little boy. We had a family reunion at an old school house that was somewhere close to the jail. He took me in there to show me the jail and shut the door on me. I seen that you are a Red Raider,
    Camera`s up 👆

  • I watched all of these and will probably repeat several times again. It turned an otherwise trying day into a very enjoyable few minutes. Thank Pitchstone Waters and Mr. Gill for sharing them.

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