Study: Bison Herd Removes More Carbon Than World’s Largest CO2 Capture Plant

Study: Bison Herd Removes More Carbon Than World’s Largest CO2 Capture Plant

As discussed below, the grazing of wild animal herds can be cheaper,  faster, and more effective at reducing atmospheric carbon than any high tech method. A primary purpose of the holistic planned grazing of cattle and other domestic animals is to mimic this natural phenomena.


NOTE: this article was originally published to on May 22, 2024. It was written by Jack Aylmer.


A herd of bison in Romania might actually be better for the planet than the world’s largest carbon capture facility , according to recent findings by scientists at the Yale School of the Environment.

Over 200 years ago, these animals roamed across what is now present-day Romania, playing a crucial role in the ecosystem before they went extinct in the region.

In 2014, bison were reintroduced to Romania, and their presence has since contributed positively to the surrounding environment. These large herbivores have been fertilizing grasslands, spreading plant seeds, and helping spur ecological growth.

Additionally, the bison’s heavy movements compact the soil beneath them, which helps keep carbon locked in the ground. Each year, these reintroduced bison are estimated to trap an additional 54,000 tons of CO2 emissions — equivalent to the annual pollution generated by 43,000 cars.

While the Yale scientists’ findings have not yet undergone peer review, they suggest that bison could play a role in mitigating carbon emissions. This insight forms part of a broader theory proposed by the study’s lead author, Oswald Schmitz, who believes that protecting and restoring just nine animal species could significantly reduce pollution.

If these animals were protected and their populations restored, the research by Schmitz indicates that an additional 6.4 billion tons of carbon dioxide could be captured annually. This amount is roughly equivalent to the total yearly emissions of the United States.

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