Wildlife, especially game species, capture human’s imagination.

They are iconic symbols of the health of our wide open spaces. Attempts to manage them as if they are industrialized livestock is ill-conceived and ill-fated. Wildlife are part of nature’s whole. To improve their future, we have to improve their habitat from the soil up.

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With South Africa in Lockdown, The Lions Are Taking It Very Easy

  It’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good.  

Huge Feral Hogs Invading Canada, Building ‘Pigloos’ As They Go

Cold weather is kinder to larger animals, because of “thermal efficiency”. This is why the largest bear, whales, deer and even quail are found in the northern extremes of their ranges. Pigs are no exception, […]

Adolescent Grizzly at Pitchstone Waters

“In early May of 2020, our neighbor’s game camera photographed this young grizzly crossing onto our property, on the south side of Fall River.

First Bison Calf

The gestation period for the American bison is 9 1/2 months. Under normal conditions, cows have their calves from mid-April through June. Cows generally have one calf per year, but twins may occur very rarely.Calves […]

Stunning Video Shows Herd of Elk Running up a Hill Near Denver

“Colorado Parks and Wildlife has shared a stunning video of a herd of elk running across a landscape near Denver.

Scientists Disagree on Bison Impacts to Yellowstone’s Northern Range

“According to Yellowstone’s senior bison biologist who is quoted below, Yellowstone is the only place in North America with a complete set of predators and herbivores – both of which shape their habitat in ways […]

Take ‘Charisma’ Into Account When Managing Invasive Species, Scientists Say

As Groucho Marx asked all those years ago, “Who are you going to believe: Me, or your lying eyes?”   According to the doubtful premise underlying invasive species biology, any new creature entering a system […]

400 Miles to Cross: The Interstate 80 Wildlife Barrier

THIS IS WHY SOME DEER MIGRATE 150 MILES — BUT NO FURTHER. THE SOLUTION WILL MAKE YOU HOPEFUL. This new film shows how Interstate 80 in Wyoming is an almost impenetrable obstacle to movement of […]

Mexican Gray Wolf Numbers in the US Soared in 2019

Cattlemen have a big problem with these little wolves. On closer inspection, it turns out there are ways to ranch alongside these animals. These alternative strategies benefit wildlife and habitat in important ways while improving […]

Ceremonial Bighorn Sheep Headdresses and Masks in Native American Culture

Recent studies of native rock art in the Jornada del Muerto region of southern New Mexico show the ceremonial importance of Desert Bighorn Sheep in the ancient cultures of this area.

How Bighorn Learn to Migrate

 As discussed in this video, herds of bighorn, moose and elk learn over many generations where, how and when to migrate. This knowledge takes a long time to accumulate. Knowledge is passed from generation to generation.

A Natural Classroom, Run by Wolves

 Wolf reintroduction to Yellowstone has been a scientific and tourism bonanza.

On the Elk Trail: Episode 7 – What Migration Means

Quoting the producers of the video below, “After wrapping up years of research into elk migration patterns in the Greater Yellowstone area of northwest Wyoming, biologist Travis Zaffarano finds that images of elk making their […]

Pablo Escobar’s Hippos Fill a Hole Left Since Ice Age Extinctions

According to the article below—and the study on which it is based—humans have caused the extinction of many large animals over the past 100,000 years. This has changed ecosystems greatly, generally for the worse.   […]

The Predator Paradox: Ending the War with Wolves, Bears, Cougars, and Coyotes

“An expert in wildlife management tells the stories of those who are finding new ways for humans and mammalian predators to coexist.

On the Elk Trail: Episode 6 – When do Elk Migrate?

Quoting the producers of the video below, “Each fall, thousands of elk flood out of the mountains in a mass migration. Without calendars or clocks, how does the herd decide when to move? This amazing, […]

Stewardship with Vision – Episode 5: David Spicer

Quoting the producers of the video below, “David Spicer’s leadership in restoring springs, wetlands, and riparian areas on his ranch and beyond has helped keep a species from being listed under the ESA and supported […]

On the Elk Trail: Episode 5 – Grizzly Bear Trail

Quoting the producers of the video below, “When we placed game cameras on an elk migration corridor near Yellowstone, we found many grizzly bears on the elk trail. Sometimes we were actually hiking in the […]

Winter Feeding Grounds for Elk in The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem Can Spread, or Be Used to Control, Disease

As discussed in this paper, winter feed grounds pose heath dangers to elk because of increased disease transmission. But they also could offer the best tool to treat brucellosis and other diseases, IF we were […]

Coronavirus Outbreak Shows The Risk in Ignoring Human Activity’s Impact on Nature

Paraphrasing the authors of the article below, “The role of healthy, intact ecosystems is being overlooked, together with the essential link between human, domestic animal and wildlife health. Biodiversity — the richness of life on […]

Mountain Goat Removal Temporarily Closes Areas Of Grand Teton National Park

According to the article below, the National Park Service (NPS) has decided to exterminate wild mountain goats in the Teton-Yellowstone Parks because they (1) are non-native, (2) “compete” with bighorn and (3) might infect them […]