Wildlife, especially game species, capture human’s imagination.

They are iconic symbols of the health of our wide open spaces. Attempts to manage them as if they are industrialized livestock is ill-conceived and ill-fated. Wildlife are part of nature’s whole. To improve their future, we have to improve their habitat from the soil up.

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Local Photographer Earns International Wildlife Accolade

“Moose and Yellow Lab  

Preserving The Future of Grouse, Woodcock and Hunting – Ruffed Grouse Society

The Ruffed Grouse Society is North America’s foremost conservation organization dedicated to preserving our sporting traditions by creating healthy forests for ruffed grouse, American woodcock and other wildlife. Without young forest habitat, populations of grouse […]

Telling the Scientific Truth About Coyotes

“Coyote killing contests and indiscriminate coyote poisoning programs do not control coyote populations, and hurt the environment.

On The Wolf Trail

Tracking wolves around Teton National Park.  

Hunting Wild Pheasant in Idaho

We join Bret Wannacott on private land in Idaho to hunt wild pheasants.    We discuss how to gain access to private land by building relationships with land owners. Plus we delve into the […]

The Grand Prize – An RMEF Film

Growing up in a hunting family, Rafe Nielsen of Browning Firearms says the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation played a large role in shaping his views of hunting from an early age.  

An Idaho Congressman Aims to Dump Dams

“Here is an ecological idea on salmon restoration that gives environmental, social and economic factors equal weight. Congratulations and thanks to U.S. Rep. Mike Simpson.  

Stocking Rates vs. Grazing Days, Recovery Rates and Necessary Impact

Below is an excellent piece by our friend “Cowboy Bob” Kinford. For several years, he helped us manage cattle herds on the high deserts of far-West Texas. Paraphrasing Bob: Many holistic/regenerative grazers think that ultra-high […]

Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep Takes Out a Drone

“Bighorn and zebra?

USDA Offers New Forest Management Incentive for Conservation Reserve Program

As reported below, The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is paying people to engage in innovative forestry practices on private land. USDA says these practices reduce fire hazards, increase water retention in soil, and benefit […]

After Dinner Guest: American Pine Marten

“When we cook on the porch this voracious little guy shows up.  

Feds Finalize Wyoming Wildlife Killing Plans

The 2021 campaign of the feds’ seemingly endless war on wildlife is described in the article below. 100-plus years into the misadventure of government funded predator removals the historian’s observation seems appropriate: “They had learnt […]

Wildlife Killing Contests – The Movie

The polite and restrained movie appearing below is not anti-hunting. In fact, it should be mandatory viewing for all hunters and wildlife lovers.   While most of the contests target predators, each shot fired damages […]

New Study Reframes Fence Impacts on Deer, Pronghorn

According to the article below, “More than 600,000 miles of fence crisscross the West, possibly making fence modification for conservation “more urgent than currently recognized.”   The lead author’s insights which led her to study […]

Enviro Group Wants Grizzlies in Cascade Mountains, Files Lawsuit

“By resorting to strong-arm tactics such as those described in the article below, wildlife ideologues continue harm grizzly bear recovery. By ignoring the social and economic costs of their demands, the ideologues make dedicated enemies […]

Fish Crossing – Sweetwater Texas (?!)

Someone is pulling our leg about the location.   You have to love his comment however: “Now we know something besides chickens and crawdads cross the road to get to the other side.”

Why Do at Least Half of All Adult Coho Salmon Returning to Urban Streams in the Seattle Area Die Each Fall Before Spawning?

According to the article below, a chemical used to stabilize automobile tires is washing into streams where silver salmon spawn, and killing them.   Many of the chemicals, fertilizers, hormones and other additives that are […]

Weather-Upending La Niña Is Headache for Farmers World-Wide

“According to the article below, “La Niña 2020 has evolved quicker and with stronger intensity than many leading climate models predicted.”

Wildlife Using a Log Bridge in Pennsylvania

This multi-season video shows bears, deer, bobcats, grouse, beavers and many other species crossing or swimming under a log which has fallen across a Pennsylvania stream. Credit: Robert Bush.  

One of the Pandemic’s Big Winners: Hunting

“According to the article below, hunting has surged during the Covid pandemic. Reversing decades of decline, hunting license sales have increased 12 percent nationwide, as 1,000,000 new hunters took up the sport.  

Incentivizing Wildlife Stewardship

The Endangered Species Act has prevented 99% of listed species from going extinct, but only 2% of listed species have actually recovered. Property & Environment Research Center (PERC) believes we can do better.