Wildlife, especially game species, capture human’s imagination.

They are iconic symbols of the health of our wide open spaces. Attempts to manage them as if they are industrialized livestock is ill-conceived and ill-fated. Wildlife are part of nature’s whole. To improve their future, we have to improve their habitat from the soil up.

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Equilibrium / Sustainability — Wild Horses Could Help Temper Western Wildfires

Using so-called “problem” wild horses to reduce wildfire is an idea whose time has come.  

‘Hakuna Matata’: Viral Tiktok Video Claims Warthogs Are the Newest Invasive Species in Texas

“Due to human releases, we have exotic bugs, plants, and animals everywhere. Here’s one of the latest.   A possible means of control: put it out in South Louisiana that they are really tasty – but illegal to […]

On the Elk Trail: Episode 2 – Elk Migration

In 2018, a biologist and a filmmaker used camera traps to film the entire fall migration of an elk herd in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem of western Wyoming. During the project’s first week a snowstorm […]

Stewardship with Vision – Episode 2: Malpai Borderlands Group

  In the high desert of southern Arizona and New Mexico, almost a million acres of important habitats and nearly 30 at-risk species are being protected and conserved…by a coalition of ranchers who manage from […]

The Culling Effect

  The Comanche Ranch conducted a 15-year “capture study’ with 15,000 wild deer captures. The focus was DNA, culling, and feeding.   The conclusion of the culling portion is that culling DOES NOT WORK – and […]

Nearly 80 Gnaw-ty Beavers Move to Wilder Neighborhoods

“As discussed below, many landowners want to remove nuisance beavers from their property. And, when they do, they often turn to trappers, some of whom now turn to Wyoming Wetlands Society for payment — and to […]

Rotational Cattle Grazing to Restore Degraded Chihuahuan Desert Grasslands and Promote Watershed Health

Describing the Mimms Ranch in Marfa, Texas, the authors write, “The Foundation aims for practical conservation, with the belief that restored grasslands improve overall watershed health, resources for native wildlife, and continued support of ranching.” […]

An Idaho Moose Hunt

This recent moose hunt was conducted from Pitchstone Waters Ranch.  

The Shooter

The World’s Greatest Wildlife Photographer A Nebraska native, Thomas Mangelsen’s love of nature, his life outdoors and business success were heavily influenced by his father. An avid sportsman, Harold Mangelsen took his sons to favorite […]

Elk Reduction Hunt in Grand Teton Begins Next Week

  “Because predation alone will not control elk numbers, reducing the Teton Park elk herd through hunting is essential to the health of elk populations.   Removing hunting led to overpopulation. This harmed habitat. Huge […]

Yellowstone Elk Migration Trail: Amazing Camera Trap Highlights

  Like rivers, Yellowstone’s migration corridors have many tributaries. One of these passes through Pitchstone Waters Ranch. We see herds of as many as 100 elk exiting the national forest, passing through our meadows and […]

‘Forever Chemicals’ in Deer, Fish Challenge Hunters, Tourism

“As discussed below, industrial compounds used in numerous products, such as nonstick cookware and clothing are increasingly found in wild game and fish.  This poses a health threat to animals and humans.  

Grizzly Bear Attacks Prey

  A grizzly chases down and kills an elk calf.     Terms like predation and harvest sugarcoat that hunters and predators kill. Nature is brutal; everything feeds on something.    Treasured species like elk […]

Pitchstone Waters Artificial Beaver Dams #4

   At Pitchstone Waters in Idaho, we spanned an entire valley with two artificial beaver dams. Doing this presented special problems. Fourth in a series.   NOTE: this post was originally published to this […]


The wolverine is a muscular, solitary carnivore. Wolverines have a reputation for ferocity and strength out of proportion to their size. Wolverines can kill prey many times larger than themselves.  

World Record Deer Migration Visualized In 3D For The First Time

   This deer passed close by Pitchstone Waters, which is 5-miles southwest of the southwest corner of Yellowstone Park in Idaho.   NOTE: this post was originally published to this site on December 9, […]

Wild Horses are Neither Pets nor Vermin

The wild horse “crisis” is about ideologies, not biology. Western wild horse management remains aground on the rocks of the competing dogmas of horse proponents and horse opponents. One side wants horses “gone”, while the […]

Yellowstone Bats

There are at least 13-species of bats found in Greater Yellowstone, which includes Pitchstone Waters Ranch.   Bats are among the most under-appreciated, misunderstood, and necessary of all the mammal predators. All this and much more […]

Bobwhite Quail Getting New Welcome in West Virginia

Well-intentioned quail releases like the one described in the article below have never worked, and they have been tried for decades. In addition, private landowners release millions of pen-raised quail every year, without reversing the […]

Grizzly Hunts With Nose

   “The scent-detecting area of a grizzly bear’s nose is a hundred times larger than a human’s. A grizzly can zero in on the smell of food a mile away, from rotting carcasses to […]

All About American Bison (aka Buffalo) for Kids

   This is also very interesting for grownups.

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