Wildlife, especially game species, capture human’s imagination.

They are iconic symbols of the health of our wide open spaces. Attempts to manage them as if they are industrialized livestock is ill-conceived and ill-fated. Wildlife are part of nature’s whole. To improve their future, we have to improve their habitat from the soil up.

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Woman Is Killed in Montana Bear Attack

Limited bear hunting would make bears fearful of humans. Increased fear would help prevent bear attacks like the one described below. A healthy respect for people would also make poaching bears harder.   Because hunters […]

How Holistic Planned Grazing Works in 60 Seconds

How does holistic planned grazing heal the soil? We explain it in this short introductory video.   For more visit: http://savory.global

First Gray Wolf Pups Since 1940s Spotted in Colorado

“Quoting the article below, ” Wildlife advocates see wolf reintroduction in Colorado as a vital step in restoring the wolf more quickly to habitat stretching from the Canada to the Mexico border.”  

Conserving the Legacy by Wyman Meizner

“The outstanding scientific discovery of the twentieth century is not television, or radio, but rather the complexity of the land organism.   Only those who know the most about it can appreciate how little we […]

Emergency Order Issued After 6 Breeding Facilities Test Positive for ‘Zombie Deer’ Disease

The article below discusses Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) which is spreading through Texas and the West at an accelerating rate. As we have written in the “Philosophy” section of this blog:   “Confinement livestock operations […]

Why Italians Are Growing Apples for Wild Bears

Most valued wild species receive supplemental feed in some form. This is true of waterfowl, deer, elk, upland game birds and even park pigeons fed by little old ladies.   Why not bears?   Growing […]

WILD About Mountain Goats

Idaho’s’ mountain goats are adapted to living in rugged, remote areas, so it is natural that the mountain goat would appear mysterious. But this harsh habitat is also their defense.   

Fuel, Fire, and Wild Horses

Wildfire continues to devastate the American West at increasing rates.   As this video is posted, wildfires are burning across more than 768,000-acres of land in twelve Western states, and 500,000-acres in Canada. Ten fires […]

Feds to Stock Cows in Lieu of Sheep

Largely ignored in this debate is the fact that animal impact is essential to the health of these areas.   Nature does not much care whether the animals be bison, cattle, goats, horses etc., so […]

Idaho Game Cam

“Late summer 2020 game camera clips from Pitchstone Waters.  

Groups Call for Reintroduction of Jaguars in US Southwest

As described in the article below, advocates of jaguar restoration “contend that reintroducing the cats is essential to species conservation and restoration of the region’s ecosystem”.   The advocates are correct. Habitat and wildlife restoration […]

Biodiversity and Holistic Management

These excellent thoughts on the importance of biodiversity apply to wildlife as well as agriculture.  

Wolves Scare Deer and Reduce Auto Collisions 24%, Study Says

Wolves reduce deer-automobile collisions. This saves more money than proven wolf depredation costs in livestock losses.  

Tense Moments as Yellowstone Grizzly Bear Charges Ranger

Video footage has surfaced showing a Yellowstone National Park ranger firing projectiles at a grizzly bear after the bruin had charged the officer as he was outside his vehicle attempting to control traffic.

Healing the Land with One Hundred Thousand Beating Hearts

Healing the Land with One Hundred Thousand Beating Hearts” is an inspirational short film that discusses regenerative agricultural practices on a Georgia farm.   This dying farm was regenerated using multi-species grazing in which all […]

Wild Horses: Analysis of The Issues and a Novel Science-supported Solution

Quoting the author of the article below, “The current American wild horse management paradigm fails economically and ecologically. Despite decades of activity, the wild horse advocacy has had virtually no meaningful effect on the plight […]

Idaho’s Bighorn Sheep

Idaho’s big bighorn rams in the Big Lost and Hells Canyon.

Feral Desert Donkeys Are Digging Wells, Giving Water to Parched Wildlife

As reported below, wild burros – like their ancient ancestors – are essential to the health of wildlife in American deserts.  

Fuel, Fire, and Wild Horses

Wildfire continues to devastate the American West at increasing rates. According to some, the plan that could combat the danger of forest fire lies in the complicated history and present role of the wild horse. […]

Tasmanian Devils Born on Australian Mainland for First Time in 3,000 Years

These animals probably disappeared from the Australian mainland in large part due to human impact. They will likely thrive when reintroduced – if they are protected.   America also has species that were successfully reintroduced […]

Wolves Culling Deer Herds

Predators including wolves can cull weak or sick deer, elk and caribou much better than any wildlife “manager”. This makes predators the best means of removing CWD-infected animals from our wild herds.