Wildlife, especially game species, capture human’s imagination.

They are iconic symbols of the health of our wide open spaces. Attempts to manage them as if they are industrialized livestock is ill-conceived and ill-fated. Wildlife are part of nature’s whole. To improve their future, we have to improve their habitat from the soil up.

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Beavers Are Heat Wave Heroes

As explained below, beaver dams help cool the water — and the air. They also reduce wildfires.  

Baby Bison Takes on Wolf and Wins

“After being swept away from his herd while crossing the Lamar River in Yellowstone National Park, a bison calf defies all odds in order to survive.  

Is Widespread Pesticide Use Connected To Grassland Bird Declines?

“This article discusses the relationship between grassland bird declines and a host of poisons increasingly used by ranchers, farmers and homeowners. The root problem according to the author, is the seeming “capture” of the pesticide […]

See Two Scottish Pine Martens Start a Food Fight

This is a video about The European pine marten, also known as the pine marten or the European marten, a mustelid native to and widespread in most of Europe, Asia Minor, the Caucasus and parts […]

Hunting Is Conservation – Hunting is Sustainable, Helps Species Thrive

   The anti-hunter claim that hunting is not a sustainable model and the populations of hunted species will decline and no longer flourish is simply untrue. NOTE: this post was originally published July 22, […]

Baby Black Bear Learns the Ropes

 A baby black bear must “learn the ropes” from mom in order to survive.   NOTE: this post was originally published to this site on July 8, 2019

A Camper Scared Off a Bear — Then the Grizzly Came Back and Killed Her

As discussed below, once a bear associates humans with food it will become dangerous. Eventually that bear will have to be killed.   Moderate hunting of bears makes them wary of humans. Fear of humans […]

Watch Bobcats, Bears, and Even Birds Use Fallen Logs as Bridges

“As explained below, fallen logs and logjams are essential to riverine wildlife and habitat health.    NOTE: this article and video was originally published to Popular Sciences’s Apple News Channel on June 25, 2022. […]

US Agency to Limit Predator Killing Methods in Idaho

“We-the-people’s war on wildlife and biodiversity is alive and well, as described in the article below.

Pitchstone Waters, by Shawn Vickers

  Shawn Vickers does mapping and wildlife planning for many ranches and public lands in North America, East Africa and the British Isles. He filmed, edited and wrote the music for this little video.   […]

You Don’t Need To Be A Rocket Scientist To See What’s Coming via Wildfires This Season!

“Fighting wildfires with wild horses.  

Goats, Brush, Weeds and Wildfire

  At Pitchstone Waters Ranch in Idaho, 5-miles southwest of Yellowstone Park, we use goats and cattle to reduce brush, control “weeds” and  forbs, reduce wildfire and stimulate plant growth on forest floors and meadows.

Returning Wolves Could Be the Answer to Rome’s Feral Hog Problem

According to this article, wolves could solve Italy’s wild pig overpopulation. Another,  better solution would be to return pigs to Italy’s commercial food supply.

“Land of the Burning Ground”: The History and Traditions of Indigenous People in Yellowstone

The agencies that manage Yellowstone National Park say that human impact is harmful and “unnatural.” This is another anthropological myth based on ideology rather than natural history and science.   As discussed in the article […]

Polar Bears in Greenland Adapting to Life Without Sea Ice

According to the article below, Greenland’s polar bears are doing okay as climate continues to warm- as it has been for many thousands of years.   This makes sense. Polar bears as a species have […]

How Texas Cougars Saved the Florida Panther

According to the article below, cougars translocated from Texas saved the Florida mountain lion, known as the Florida panther. At least two of those cougars were trapped at Circle Ranch, the West Texas ranch we […]

Pitchstone Waters Roads #1

   Eco-friendly forest thinning and road building next to Yellowstone Park, in Idaho. NOTE: this post was originally published to this site on June 5, 2019.

Wildlife: Behind the Scenes of a Wolf Hunt

“Amazing drone video of a wolf pack hunting moose in a Canadian winter.  

“Conserving” Wild Bison?

 The conflict between private landowners and the bison and elk living in Yellowstone National Park exists in large part  because the Yellowstone herds are infected with brucellosis. Brucellosis is a highly contagious bacterial disease […]

Wild Horses Benefiting From Dr. Jane Goodall’s Leadership and Work

“More about a humane, cost-effective, holistic and all Natural solution for managing American wild horses.

Baby Elk Swept Downstream

This little elk calf has been swept downstream trying to ford the Fall River, during the June floods in Yellowstone.