Wildlife, especially game species, capture human’s imagination.

They are iconic symbols of the health of our wide open spaces. Attempts to manage them as if they are industrialized livestock is ill-conceived and ill-fated. Wildlife are part of nature’s whole. To improve their future, we have to improve their habitat from the soil up.

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Feral Desert Donkeys Are Digging Wells, Giving Water to Parched Wildlife

As reported below, wild burros – like their ancient ancestors – are essential to the health of wildlife in American deserts.  

Fuel, Fire, and Wild Horses

Wildfire continues to devastate the American West at increasing rates. According to some, the plan that could combat the danger of forest fire lies in the complicated history and present role of the wild horse. […]

Tasmanian Devils Born on Australian Mainland for First Time in 3,000 Years

These animals probably disappeared from the Australian mainland in large part due to human impact. They will likely thrive when reintroduced – if they are protected.   America also has species that were successfully reintroduced […]

Wolves Culling Deer Herds

Predators including wolves can cull weak or sick deer, elk and caribou much better than any wildlife “manager”. This makes predators the best means of removing CWD-infected animals from our wild herds.  

WILD About Mountain Goats

Idaho’s’ mountain goats are adapted to living in rugged, remote areas, so it is natural that the mountain goat would appear mysterious. But this harsh habitat is also their defense.  

Wild Horses and Donkeys Dig Wells in the Desert, Providing Water for Wildlife

Horses and burros evolved in North America, where they and their ancestors were present for 50-million years, far-longer than any large ‘native’ species except pronghorn.   As reported in the article below, we now are […]

Plug and Spread Made Easy

This is a 4-1/2 minute video about the “Plug-and-Spread” method of harvesting water from gullies. Water harvesting including Plug and Spread, in combination with Keyline sub-soiling, wild animal impact and planned grazing of cattle are […]

New Montana Laws Change Response to Grizzly Bear Management

The bear emergency is over, and it is a wonderful thing.   However, as they have recovered grizzlies have spread out of their sanctuaries and into areas where people live. Greater grizzly recovery cannot succeed […]

Buffalo Gals

“Three ladies raise bison in South Dakota, Colorado and Texas.  

Game Videos Spring 2015

These videos were taken at what we call Sheep Tank, a water point that overlooks one of our largest canyons. Many species share this water, with no visible conflict with each other, or harm to […]

100-Years of Bird Banding

“Bird banding goes back to 1902. Since 1960, over 70-million birds have been banded. This paper summarizes what has been learned from this effort.

Flats Fly Fishing at Tarpon Caye Lodge in Belize

  Yellowstone trout fishermen take note: Of all the species that can be taken on fly, permit is the most challenging. And, you can’t go wrong with The Fly Shop.       Flats Fly […]

Drought Busters 101 : A 21-Minute Video on Desert Grassland Restoration

“Drought Busters” is an inexpensive, quick, physiologically and economically sustainable method of habitat and wildlife restoration. We call it Drought Busters because it increases effective rainfall by rebuilding soil fertility and the soil’s ability to […]

Endangered Science

“As discussed below, of the many unscientific decisions of wildlife “management”,  predator eradications are probably the worst.

The Science of Holistic Planned Grazing

Those who believe that Holistic Planned Grazing is not supported by science should watch this presentation by Dr. Richard Teaque, formerly of Texas A&M.    About Savory Institute: Grasslands represent 1/3 of the Earth’s terrestrial […]

TPWD Commission Approves Hunting Regulation Changes for 2021-22 Seasons

“Western game commissions might consider Texas’ relatively few and simple rules, which stand in stark contrast to the bewildering tangle of their own. Texas’ work very well, and unlike hunters in  Idaho, Wyoming and Montana […]

Holistic Management at Work

Holistic management uses a long term planning process that assigns to environmental and social outcomes the same importance as profits.  In addition to being particularly suited to the deserts of far-West Texas, its grazing and […]

Cloned Black Footed Ferret

Meet the world’s first cloned member of an endangered species.   Some people think that extinct animals like mammoths could be resurrected by these methods, using cellular material found in frozen specimens.  

America’s Bald Eagle Population Has Quadrupled

“According to the professor interviewed below, bald eagles are now so numerous that they are sometimes found nesting in residential areas like yard birds. This shows what can be accomplished when we collectively decide to […]

Using Cows to Improve Wildlife Habitat and Increase Pronghorn

This is the second in a series about how domestic animals like cattle can help wildlife and habitat in desert grasslands.  Our first introduced Cows and Quail, Albuquerque-based Holistic Management International’s range and wildlife program […]

Eleven Active Alaska Volcanoes

“Anglers from across the world fish for salmon and steelhead below these brutes. Our favorite is Mount Veniaminof, pictured above. Its glacier melt feeds the Sandy River (note Veniaminof’s photo credit).