Wildlife, especially game species, capture human’s imagination.

They are iconic symbols of the health of our wide open spaces. Attempts to manage them as if they are industrialized livestock is ill-conceived and ill-fated. Wildlife are part of nature’s whole. To improve their future, we have to improve their habitat from the soil up.

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Functional Traits – Not Nativenes – Shape the Effects Of Large Mammalian Herbivores on Plant Communities

For decades the assumption shared by conservation dogma and Invasive Species “Biology” has been that non-native animals – by definition – harm native habitat and plants. This belief is often used to justify the ongoing […]

Fuel, Fire, and Wild Horses

Wildfire continues to devastate the American West at increasing rates.   As this video is posted, wildfires are burning across more than 768,000-acres of land in twelve Western states, and 500,000-acres in Canada. Ten fires […]

UN Says Melting Arctic Ice is a Key Indicator of Climate Change—But It’s Not Melting

“Questioning the data.  

Biodiversity and Holistic Management

These excellent thoughts on the importance of biodiversity apply to wildlife as well as agriculture.

How We Treat Wild Horses

This video was created by Wild Horse Fire Brigade, a non-profit dedicated to expanding wild horse populations in order to reduce fire hazard on public lands. They challenge viewers with this question: “Do you want […]

Invasive Species vs. Native Species

Presented below is a scholarly article on the issue of whether so-called invasive ‘exotic’ species like feral pigs, goats, buffalo, and horses, are by definition harmful to environments in which they did not evolve, or […]

Hard-To-Eradicate ‘Super Pigs’ in Canada Threaten to Invade the US

Super pigs from Canada will soon be in the U.S.  These animals can’t be eradicated but they can be controlled – if we allow them into the commercial food chain like any other domestic species. […]

This is Why Farmers Sell Their Weapons and Buy Donkeys

As described in this video, burros make excellent guards against wolves and coyotes.    

Tense Moments as Yellowstone Grizzly Bear Charges Ranger

Video footage has surfaced showing a Yellowstone National Park ranger firing projectiles at a grizzly bear after the bruin had charged the officer as he was outside his vehicle attempting to control traffic.

Chukar Hunting in Utah’s West Desert

Adam Eakle joins Brett Wannacott and friends on a chukar hunt in the mountains of Utah’s West Desert. They show you how to hunt these devil birds for tons of fun, and shooting action.   […]

Why US Ranchers Are Becoming Beaver Believers

As described in the article blow, the US is bringing back nature’s best firefighters: beavers.  

Elk in Paradise: Rancher, Ecologist, Hunter

Here is an excellent video by the Property and Environmental Research Center (PERC) a free market conservation think tank based in Bozeman.   Quoting PERC: The ancient pathways of elk are the heartbeat of the […]

Chronic Wasting Disease Ends Decades of Kerr Deer Research

“For six decades, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) has known facilities like those in the article below foster the spread of CWD.   CWD was created in a Colorado experiment station at Ft. […]

Wildlife Using a Log Bridge in Pennsylvania

This multi-season video shows bears, deer, bobcats, grouse, beavers and many other species crossing or swimming under a log which has fallen across a Pennsylvania stream. Credit: Robert Bush.     NOTE: this post was […]

Animal Trails: Rediscovering Grand Teton Migrations

Grand Teton National Park is a magical place renowned for its scenery and abundant migratory wildlife, but the animals that call the park home only live there for part of the year.    

Limited Testing Might Have Slowed Yellowstone Discovery of Chronic Wasting Disease

For years, everyone has known that CWD was already in, or coming to, the Yellowstone herds. Unfortunately, there is no will take the steps necessary to stop its spread. Winter feeding continues. Brucellosis remains untreated […]

Idaho Game Cam

“Late summer 2020 game camera clips from Pitchstone Waters.  

Embattled Wolves Gain a New Frontier in Democrat Colorado. The Move is Stoking Political Tensions

“The increasingly-authoritarian green movement routinely mandates environmental and wildlife practices, implemented  in ways that ignore people and their livelihoods. Colorado wolf reintroductions are no exception.

The War on Lake Trout

Lake trout, native to the Great Lakes and the boreal lakes of Canada and Alaska, were first “discovered” in Yellowstone Lake in 1994. Their appearance was likely the result of introduction from nearby Lewis or […]

BlM Ends Use of ‘Cyanide Bomb’ to Kill Coyotes and Other Predators, Citing Safety Concerns

“This article discusses the continuing ‘War on Wildlife’ being waged against predators by government agencies.   These have done vast damage to wildlife.  

Photographer Captures Saskatoon Beaver Bursting Through Ice ‘Like Superman’

A Saskatoon-based beaver has become a viral video star after a local photographer and nature enthusiast recently  filmed it bursting through an ice-covered pond.     NOTE: this video was originally posted to this site […]

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