Fisheries, both freshwater and saltwater, serve as the proverbial canaries in the coal mine when it comes to water quality.

The condition of the land surrounding the fisheries has a direct impact on the quality of the water, which in turn has a direct impact on the productivity of the fisheries.

Fortunately, fisheries, like wildlife populations, respond to positive changes in their habitat. With careful planning that encompasses land, water and its inhabitants, aquatic environments can be restored.

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The War on Lake Trout

Lake trout, native to the Great Lakes and the boreal lakes of Canada and Alaska, were first “discovered” in Yellowstone Lake in 1994. Their appearance was likely the result of introduction from nearby Lewis or […]

Fishing and Managing Idaho Alpine Lakes

Very few high mountain lakes had fish before stocking began in the 1940s.     NOTE: this post originally was published to this site on December 29, 2020

‘Momentous:’ US Advances Largest Dam Demolition in History

“Many people don’t realize that dams wear out, and dam reservoirs silt in. Often, dam reconstruction is not economically justified, as explained below.  

Energy Development Abuse Threatens Port Aransas and Texas’ Bays and Estuaries

The idea of lessening regulation to achieve energy independence is a good one until it is catastrophically abused as it is in South Texas’ coastal estuaries. Texas’ conservation organizations and wildlife agencies exist to protect […]

Bootleggers and Baptists in ‘Yellowstone’

Here is another excellent article by the Property and Environmental Research Center (PERC) a free market conservation think tank based in Bozeman.   As discussed below, many environmental lawsuits are not intended to help the environment, […]

Idaho Biologists Catch and Release Three 10-Foot, 500-Plus Pound Sturgeon

Giant sturgeon, the only source of true caviar, were once abundant in America’s rivers. Two hundred years ago, the Hudson, Delaware and other eastern US rivers were the main suppliers of caviar for Europe. During […]

The Rise of Aquaculture and the Threat of Floating Feedlots

Aquaculture was once thought to be the key to saving wild fish stocks. As discussed in the article below, it turns out to be fraught with unintended consequences.  

Flats Fly Fishing at Tarpon Caye Lodge in Belize

  Yellowstone trout fishermen take note: Of all the species that can be taken on fly, permit is the most challenging. And, you can’t go wrong with The Fly Shop.       Flats Fly […]

Yellowstone Fishing License Cost Doubles

“Park user fees are absurdly low.   Using those fees on unwinnable battles to eradicate so-called invasive species, some introduced by the agencies themselves, wastes money badly needed for neglected infrastructure and forest management.  

Fish Crossing – Sweetwater Texas (?!)

Someone is pulling our leg about the location.   You have to love his comment however: “Now we know something besides chickens and crawdads cross the road to get to the other side.”

Why Do at Least Half of All Adult Coho Salmon Returning to Urban Streams in the Seattle Area Die Each Fall Before Spawning?

According to the article below, a chemical used to stabilize automobile tires is washing into streams where silver salmon spawn, and killing them.   Many of the chemicals, fertilizers, hormones and other additives that are […]

Deal Revives Plan for Largest US Dam Demolition

“This project will have a very beneficial effect on water quality and salmon.   Moreover, removals are inevitable. These dams are worn out. Because they are economic losers, there is no economic case for spending […]

The Elwha Dams Are Gone and Chinook Are Surging Back, But Why Are So Few Reaching the Upper River?

“As reported below, King Salmon recovery on the Elwha River is going slowly. It will require that wild sea-run fish find their way back into the river, spawn, and then after several years, return to […]

Fishing the Firehole in Yellowstone with Laura and Nichole

Fishing the Firehole, northwest of Old Faithful in Yellowstone Park. Fishing the Firehole In Yellowstone Park from Christopher Gill on Vimeo.

When the Otters Vanished, Everything Else Started to Crumble

Quoting the authors of the article below, “In the Aleutian’s delicate seascape, otters hold the entire ecosystem together. As they have disappeared, the rest of the local food web has started to crumble.

Happy July 4, 2020 from Pitchstone Waters Ranch

July 4, 2020 at Pitchstone Waters Ranch in Idaho. July 4th Fishing Picnic at Pitchstone Waters from Christopher Gill on Vimeo.

Late 2019 Fall River Fish Numbers Available

Fish populations in the upper Fall River, above and below Pitchstone Waters Ranch, were surveyed in the summer of 2019, as reported below.  

The Elwha’s Living Laboratory: Lessons From the World’s Largest Dam-removal Project

“Quoting the article below: “A river can be restored. They are resilient and we know what they need.”

How Long Before These Salmon Are Gone? ‘Maybe 20 Years’

The eight dams discussed in the article below are artifacts of a well-intentioned, big-government mega-project that backfired. On the Columbia and Snake rivers, this mindset wiped out a 60-million fish salmon run. . This massive […]

Montana Hunter Reports Killing Grizzly Bear in Self-Defense

Events like these are reduced where bear hunting in some form is permitted. This is  because bear hunting makes bears fearful of humans. Limited hunting of bears in Montana has been stopped by activist wildlifers […]

Colorado Wildfire Killed 80 Percent of River’s Fish Population

The forest agencies maintain their regulations curtailing grazing and logging help fisheries, habitat, wildlife and the public. As this article shows, the opposite is true. An unintended consequence of curtailing active management  is catastrophic wildfire. […]

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