Yellowstone Bats

There are at least 13-species of bats found in Greater Yellowstone, which includes Pitchstone Waters Ranch.


Bats are among the most under-appreciated, misunderstood, and necessary of all the mammal predators. All this and much more is discussed in the excellent video posted below.



Bats are the only mammals capable of sustained, flapping flight, which has given rise to a great diversity of species throughout the world. The bat species that have been documented in Yellowstone National Park are all insectivores (insect-eaters). To support the energy demands for flight, insectivorous bats must eat a large number of insects. Nursing females may consume their own body weight in food each night during the summer. In temperate environments, bats mate in late summer or autumn, just before entering into hibernation for the winter. During spring and summer, bats tend to be highly localized near sources of food, water, and roosting structures. They roost in natural habitats, including thermally heated caves, as well as in bridges, buildings, and other human structures, which can lead to conflicts with human use and historical preservation plans.

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