Winter 2016 Game Photos


A basic disagreement between Big Wildlife and holistic thinkers like Aldo Leopold is whether multiple species compete with each other or compliment each other.

Another is whether predators like wolves, lions, coyotes & bobcats harm prey species, or, as Aldo Leopold observed, benefit them by getting rid of sick animals and keeping populations under control.

Most of the species, and all of the predators pictured below are under attack on the mistaken theory they hurt native animals and plants. In addition to encouraging all these animals, we are running 500 heifers this winter, “mowing” the excess grass and other forage left by wildlife.

17 Draw Windmill (desert): Elk, mule deer, pronghorn

2-Section Rim: Elk, mule deer, javelina, coyotes

Bull Pasture (desert):  Mule deer, elk

Box Canyon Rim:  Pronghorn, mule deer, llamas, bighorn rams

Bezos Rim (mountains):  Mule deer, cattle herd, bighorn

Diablo Peak (highest point on Circle Ranch at 6,500 feet): Bighorn, mule deer, aoudad, fox

Meadows (mountains)


2-Section: Elk, mule deer, javelina

Lobo Tank (desert): Elk, mule deer, javelina

(Escarpment rim above ) Indian Cave: Javelina, wild burros, pronghorn, road runner, blue quail, mule deer

West Rim: Circle Ranch remuda, burros, alpaca, wild burros, pronghorn:

Sheep Tank: Llamas, mule deer, quail, pronghorn

Wood Canyon:  Mule deer, elk, bighorn

Tres Papalotes: Llamas, mule deer, fox

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