Wild Boar Farming – Farmers Domesticate and Raise Millions of Wild Boars This Way

In the United States, it is forbidden for farmers to raise wild boars (the European name for  what Texans call ‘feral pigs’) because their numbers are constantly growing. The entire ‘feral pig problem’ is due to a web of regulatory prohibitions –  set up and maintained to protect Big Pig’s monopoly on the market.


But in some countries with developed agricultural industries, wild boar (feral pig)  farming has become the main source of income, and the price of wild boar meat is even higher than that of commercially raised domestic pigs. And remember as you watch that in Texas and most of the US,  free-ranging wild pigs are there for the taking. Southwestern landowners are sitting on a potential gold mine, which – thanks to Big Pig –  they must treat as vermin.


It is true that aggressive and crop-destroying wild boars (free range pigs)  have become a scourge in agriculture in many parts of the world. However, their meat is very lean and more delicious than domestic pigs due to their purely natural diet. Furthermore, the nutritional value of wild boar meat is also quite high, so farmers have sought to domesticate this animal to harvest. Since then, wild boar farms have been formed in many parts of the world. So how do farmers tame wild boars? We invite you to join us in admiring wild boar farms to learn more!


Part 1. How Wild Boar (feral pigs) were domesticated.

Part 2. How most pork is factory-raised.

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