5 Rules for Bigger, Better and More Mulies


A great article by Steve Nelle that outlines how to have more and healthier mule deer, quail and pronghorn.

  1. Grazing management is the single most important way to affect mule deer food supply. When grass conditions permit, practice light-to-moderate seasonal grazing, in some rotational form (examples include “holistic planned grazing” and “adaptive grazing”).
  2. Whether or not cattle are present, always maintain permanent water for deer, and expand that water if possible.
  3. Implement practices that increase weeds. In order to protect weeds, shrubs and trees, do not use range poisons like Spike® as these damage food supplies for deer, pronghorns and quail for many years.
  4. Implement practices that increase rainfall penetration, such as water harvesting and contour subsoil plowing.
  5. Mule deer are not whitetails, so whitetail management practices are not practical for mule deer.

Note: This article was published in the December 2016 issue of Texas Wildlife – Magazine of the Texas Wildlife Association. It is posted here with permission of the Texas Wildlife Association (www.texas-wildlife.org).


Mule Deer Mess Hall

Document can be found at: https://pitchstonewaters.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/2016-12-MuleDeer.pdf

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