The Science of Holistic Planned Grazing

Those who believe that Holistic Planned Grazing is not supported by science should watch this presentation by Dr. Richard Teaque, formerly of Texas A&M.


About Savory Institute:

Grasslands represent 1/3 of the Earth’s terrestrial surface, but their steady decline has led to a loss of food, water, and climate security. The Savory Institute’s mission is to promote the large-scale regeneration of the world’s grasslands through Holistic Management.

Holistic Management is a systems-thinking approach for managing the complexities of living systems. Through a decision-making framework and suite of planning procedures – including but not limited to Holistic Planned Grazing – Holistic Management gives people the insights and management tools needed to understand nature: resulting in better, more informed decisions that balance key social, environmental, and financial considerations.


NOTE: this post was originally posted to this site on May 17, 2021

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