Roads and Erosion #2 of 3: Addressing The Destructive Erosion of Substandard Ranch Roads

In the summer of 2007, Circle Ranch together with the Dixon Water Foundation, sponsored a road seminar at Circle Ranch. Attendees came from as far as the Navaho Nation in Arizona.  Bill Zeedyk, noted erosion expert from Albuquerque taught our class.


Above –  he is showing different road-drainage profiles.

Here we are building a ‘rolling dip’ to take water from an eroding ranch road and turn it back onto pastures. These structures are based on 30-60-90 degree triangles and take about 15 minutes to install once you get the idea.

Below, we are building a rolling structure to divert water out of a substandard county road. Note that the road is below grade and flanked on either side by windrows of rock: together these trap water in the roadbed.

Below, constructing a rolling dip.  Note the down-cut wheel track on both sides of the road.

A rolling dip under construction.  The brush is incidental to the function of the structure.


For a complete guide to building these, see below or click here


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