Return of La Niña?


”A weak and emerging La Niña could reduce precipitation, especially across Texas and New Mexico later this winter through next spring. Long-term trends towards warmer temperatures will dominate into 2018 which could point towards a higher-than-normal possibility of a prolonged reduction in soil moisture and subsequent reduced summertime rainfall.”

Year-in-and-year-out, ranchers in the deserts of far-West Texas and southern New Mexico should seriously consider NRCS’ drought insurance program. Pasture-Rangeland-Forage insurance is issued by the Risk Management Agency (RMA), a division of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). In our deserts –  over long terms –  the historic payment is $1.80 per $1 of premiums.

Physiologically, the best drought insurance is holistic planned grazing, which increases effective rainfall by improving water infiltration.

Our experience at Circle Ranch confirms the effectiveness of both forms of drought insurance.

NOTE: this article is via Hargrove Insurance 2018 Temperature and Precipitation Outlook


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