Results of Planned Grazing on Ranges of Northern Rocky Mountains

Here is an interesting article, with supporting tables, that demonstrates the results of planned grazing on 43 ranches in the Northern Rocky Mountain states of Montana, Wyoming and Idaho


Without exception, the managers of these ranches find that their land is improving under planned grazing.  By all physical measurements, including new seedling success, plant diversity, liter cover on the soil, water infiltration, reduced erosion, increased plant density, the physical condition of the ranges under their management is improving.


Livestock performance is also summarized and the beneficial results to domestic animals is remarkable.

And most important in my mind: Wildlife numbers, diversity, bird life, bird breeding sites, bird nesting sites and predator numbers are all increasing together.

There is no question that conventional grazing practices have done vast damage to Western ranges over the last century and a half.  But the answer to “bad grazing” is not “no grazing”:  It is “good grazing”!  Plants and animals co-evolved together over 20-million years.  It is common sense that they have grown to need each other.

Properly applied, animal impact from domestic livestock is the best, cheapest, and most sustainable habitat restoration tool available.

Read the results below.

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