Releasing Beaver on the Fall River in Idaho, 5-Miles from Yellowstone Park

This video of Pitchstone Waters’ second beaver release during the summer of 2020 contains excellent remarks by staff of the Idaho Fish and Game Department.


Releasing Beaver on the Fall River in Idaho, near Yellowstone Park from Christopher Gill on Vimeo.


NOTE: this video was originally published to this site on September 14, 2020

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  • These poor beaver are doomed– a miserable habitat with water too shallow to protect from predation. With sexes unknown, they may be same and leave to find mates, putting them in more danger. A little effort before release could have made the outcome favorable.

    • I share your concerns, especially regarding the stability of non-family unit transplants. We do as the experts advise. Relocation of nuisance animals is always tricky for the reasons you mention, and the fact that these animals are so unpredictable in their movements. Meanwhile we have enlarged and deepened the lower pools. We think we are seeing beaver sign.

      Something you may not realize is that animals released on public lands are at great risk from trapping. One thing for sure about transplants’ chances: They are better than getting shot.

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