QuailMasters Graduation Photo: King Ranch October 27, 2009


QuailMasters is a joint presentation of Texas Wildlife Association and  Agrilife Extension Service (Texas A&M System).  It is a must for those who would manage quail.


What is QuailMasters?

QuailMasters is a series of intensive, hands-on training sessions designed to enhance your decision-making skills relative to 3 phases of quail management.

  • Habitat Management
  • Population Management
  • People Management

Who Could Benefit from Attending Desert QuailMasters?

  • Landowners/Managers
  • Hunters
  • Quail Enthusiasts
  • Consultants
  • County Agents
  • Wildlife Biologists
  • College Students

Are you ready to become a “Desert” QuailMaster?

For more information Or to sign up, or contact: Karla Welch (ikwelch@peoplepc.com)
(281) 468-8475, or,  Dr. Dale Rollins (d-rollins@tamu.edu) (325) 653-4576

Here are comments about the program from some of the graduates in the picture above:


The Quail Master Program will not only teach you what your ranch needs to provide the proper habitat for quail (and other wildlife), but also WHY each of the habitat components is important, and how they all work together. You will gain a whole new respect for the everyday schedule of the quail, and the what and whys of what a quail needs to survive and thrive, taught by the Quail Guru himself, Dr. Dale Rollins…nobody cares more about Quail than Dr. Rollins. Highly recommended!
– Dale Price Winters, Texas


Quailmasters allows you to meet ranchers and landowners (large and small) using the latest conservation practices to benefit quail, and you will learn from the foremost quail and botanist experts in the nation. This course will open your eyes to see as a quail does and you will make friends for life amongst your class members and alumni of previous quailmasters!
– Jason Erwin


Quail Masters doesn’t provide cookie cutter answers to “what happened to quail…”  Quail Masters provides detailed research by profoundly qualified experts that you can apply to your local situation and enhance your chances of providing quality habitat where quail can and will thrive.   An absolute must for serious students of Quail.
– Wayne McCallum ,  Wildlife Manager:  wm@ccrinc.biz


 “West Texas QuailMasters 2010  teaches the biology, physiology and botany of desert quails and their habitats and is a must for those managing land for these iconic species, as well as a unique opportunity to visit ranches and meet researchers, scientists, landowners and practitioners from across Texas and the country.  West Texas QuailMasters 2010 will include four attendees from Circle Ranch.”  
– Chris Gill, Circle Ranch


No matter what part of the state you come from or the level of knowledge you enter QuailMasters, the program will enhance your decision making skills relevant not only to good quail management but make you a better steward of the land all together.”
– Karla Welch


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