Out Here in the Middle – Summer at Circle Ranch in far-West Texas

“Out Here in The Middle” Is about summer at the Circle Ranch in the high-desert mountains of far-West Texas. Wildlife, great scenery, ranching, cattle and family.

“Out Here in The Middle” is performed by James McMurtry.

Note: This was originally posted on the Circle Ranch blog summer 2015.

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  • Would love more details on the Ram that was taken at 3:52. Was this on your land? Was that a landowner tag the state issued you or issued to a guide that has access to your land?

    Love this videos. Beautiful land, it’s hard to believe Texas has all of these different landscapes.

    • Hello Justin,

      The ram was shot on our ranch, our outfitter Wayne (Zach) Zachary can tell you the details: (915) 929-6000.

      Yes the ranch has varied habitat: Canyons, mountains, grassland and desert.

      Did you note the AT&T tower?

      Best Regards,

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