Healing the Land with One Hundred Thousand Beating Hearts

Healing the Land with One Hundred Thousand Beating Hearts” is an inspirational short film that discusses regenerative agricultural practices on a Georgia farm.
This dying farm was regenerated using multi-species grazing in which all the animals were moved according to a plan that got them to the right place…at the right time… doing the right thing.
It worked great. Soil fertility, carrying capacity and profitability have increased dramatically. Wildlife including unexpected species like Bald Eagles have proliferated. And the farm prosperity’s has provided an economic lift to the small neighboring agricultural community that previously was drying up and blowing away.
Contrary to what most of Texas’ wildlife “managers” teach and practice, every concept discussed in this film translates to habitat and wildlife restoration.


Note: this post was originally posted to the site on November 14, 2016

One Hundred Thousand Beating Hearts from Peter Byck on Vimeo.

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