Moose and Wolf at Pitchstone Waters

Moose and Wolf at Pitchstone Waters

This image is taken next door to Pitchstone Waters, in southeastern Idaho. These animals move nomadically through the Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, and the national forests and wilderness areas that surround them. (See huge early-run king salmon caught in Alaska.



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    • Hello Jeremy,

      I sent this over to our wildlife guy Shawn Vickers with this comment:

      Hello Shawn,

      I want correct errors of fact. What do you think?

      To which he replied:

      Good question. Color markings certainly lean toward coyote and they’re bound to be stout up there but without a good look at the muzzle or close by size reference it’s hard to be sure. My initial thought was wolf.

      But here is another possibility: it is a hybrid. We are seeing this in Texas among many other areas. Here is a post to this blog on this topic

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

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