• Merry Christmas to you all as well…!! I hope to be coming to your area in May or June of 2018 to research the October 18, 1867 fight between two companies of the 3rd Cavalry (which may have included my great-great grandfather) and a band of Mescalero Apache. Though the pursuit began in New Mexico, my understanding is that the fight actually took place in the Sierra Diablo Mountains.

    If you happen to know any further specifics about this event and want to pass them along, I’d be “all ears”!! It must have taken place not terribly far from your ranch.

    John Flood
    Winchester, VA

    • The battle of which I am aware was at Victoria Canyon in early 1881 and it marked the end of the Apache wars in Texas – although no one realized it at the time. I would like to know more about this event.

      • Chris,

        Somehow I missed your reply from way back in late 2017 when I posted this info and question. So, very belatedly – thank you! I know a little about the 1881 engagement you speak of. I’ll look into it further and I have some strong Texas / Indian War resources to draw on to provide further info.

        – John Flood

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