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One minute of your attention could save civilization as we know it.

NOTE: this video was originally published to Facebook by Allan Savory. It is provided here with permission. It was originally published to this site on November 25, 2019.


All scientists agree that no life can survive without suitable habitat. Globally, where could we look at a litmus test, or look for dead canaries in order to warn humans of habitat destruction and desertification for all life?

When we do look, all scientists know that the first thing we should look at is soil cover. If it is bare and exposed, everything is dying gradually. When soil is covered, then nature is amazingly forgiving. We cannot look to agricultural land or forests under management, etc, because many of them are deteriorating as a result of greed, corporate misbehavior, corruption, cattle emitting methane, mining, urban expansion, or some other reason.

So, logically we would need to look at the one place where none of these things affect our environment – the places we have set aside to preserve our wilderness, purity of nature and abundant biodiversity, with a healthy habitat for so many life forms, including humans.

With that in mind, let’s take a minute to look at the national parks around where I live in Africa – they are no different from national parks in the United States: found in similar climates that are under the same management that’s practiced world-wide. As we see, bare soil dominates all our land under the very same management that is causing global desertification and climate change. Habitat for all life is being destroyed by one thing and one thing alone. Our management.

From this video, you can clearly see that Dibangombe is land that is managed holistically: the land is dominated by covered soil and is green, following 16 poor seasons and this the driest in my life. This habitat is being regenerated for all life, including humans by simply managing holistically.

All these videos are taken in the same area, at the same time, with the same climate, the same soils, the same wildlife and the same humans. But different management.

This coming dry season is going to be beyond devastating for our wildlife, our people, their crops and their livestock. On our holistically managed land, this country wide devastation will not affect us.

For all young people, this is a strong warning that the canaries are dying and it is time to get out of the mine fast! Time to wake up and insist that all management changes.

…Allan Savory
July 2019

Ranching, wildlife management, finance, oil & gas, real estate development and management.

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