Desert Restoration: Insights From the Human Body

Desert Restoration: Insights From the Human Body

Holistic thinkers rightly point out the health of wildlife and its habitat depends on the health of soil particularly its life-giving microorganisms.

Here is a wonderful TED Talk discussing how microorganisms determine human health and behavior. Did you know there are 10X as many micro-organic cells in your body as human cells? Did you know these micro-organic cells have between 10X to 100X as many genes as your entire gene pool? You cannot be healthy, or even live, without the correct types and numbers of these creatures.


How Microorganisms Determine Human Health and Behavior


What does this have to do with desert habitats and wildlife? Everything. If the human body is this complex and depends on microorganisms, how can we begin to understand our wildlife and habitats if we ignore the uncountable unseen creatures that determine animal and plant health?

In our arrogant ignorance, we routinely attack biodiversity – on which all life depends – and the very building blocks of life – with bullets, chemicals and poisons. We are insane to attack this fine-tuned complexity which evolved over billions of years — and which we cannot pretend to understand.

For the full TED post please visit HERE


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