HMI Open Gate Day – August 26 2016


HMI Open Gate: Circle Ranch Day

Helping Water Flow Where it Needs to Go – August 26, 2016. Circle Ranch, Van Horn, TX

Our Circle Ranch Day is part of HMI’s Open Gate Learning Series. Open Gates are on-the-ground learning days for producers and consumers who care about land health and creating nutritious food systems to come together and discover their role in regenerative agriculture. The day includes short presentations and small group exercises geared for participants to share discoveries and management techniques with guidance from experienced facilitators and producers.


Holistic Management works with nature, not against it. We will discuss planet- and animal-friendly management techniques that lead to richer soil, improved water containment, nutrient-dense food and more prosperous farms and ranches.


Whether you are an agricultural producer, wildlife manager, local agency representative, or just interested in ranching, land stewardship, keyline technique or water management, this is a day for you.



Come and be a part of this on-the-ground learning day, enjoy nutritious food and help strengthen local foodsheds. Because we all have a stake in the way our food is grown.


What to Expect

  • See what fellow land managers are doing to regenerate land health and wildlife habitat at the beautiful Circle Ranch in the Chihuahuan high-desert grasslands of far-West Texas.
  • Taught by Bill Zeedyk, learn how to use a Plug N’ Spread Treatment to control the gullies responsible for draining and drying rangelands
  • Learn about the Yeoman’s Plow and how Keyline subsoiling works for water infiltration and enhances the Plug N’ Spread technique
  • Practice monitoring the land for effective water cycle, forage production and soil health
  • Discuss practical strategies to improve water use, wildlife habitat and healthy grasslands
  • Enjoy the hospitality of the Gill family at a delicious lunch
  • Hear how Holistic Management has helped the Gill Family and Circle Ranch to restore healthy grasslands in the desert and enjoy the benefits of regenerative agriculture.



We will be demonstrating this project at Open Gate.

Ranching, wildlife management, finance, oil & gas, real estate development and management.
    • About 40-minutes to Headquarters Larry,

      Go West on IH10 to Exit #129, Allamore. Proceed North on gravel county road, following the small signs to Circle Ranch. About 11-miles from Van Horn to Exit 129, about 10-miles more to HQ.

      Chris Gill

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