Gulleys for Desert Grassland Restoration #2

Using a gulley to create a riparian meadow in the desert.


NOTE: this post was originally published to this site on May 31, 2017



To see another example of this practice, click here.

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  • good video – hope Circle Ranch can provide another video, updated for 2021-or 2022 so we can learn what plants have reestablished themselves, and perhaps how wildlife is responding to the restoration.

    • Thanks Pat.

      These practices are not “fire-and-forget”. Plant recoveries require periodic animal impact. And the ‘watering system’ MUST have continuing maintenance of the surface structures that capture and spread runoff. Especially in wet years.

      As you may know in 2019 we sold Circle and bought a new place in Idaho. it is my understanding the new owner has removed livestock and does not maintain the structures.

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