Goats Clearing Meadows and Forest at Pitchstone Waters #3

Goats Clearing Meadows and Forest at Pitchstone Waters #3 from Christopher Gill on Vimeo.


Third in a series: On the Fall River in Idaho, 5-miles from the southwest corner of Yellowstone Park, we use goats instead of herbicides to control weeds and stimulate grasses in sagebrush meadows.


NOTE: this post was originally published to this site on October 21, 2022.

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  • I’ve noticed you have transitioned from a Mark Shephard/ PA Yeoman management style to an Allan Savory management style. If that’s correct what has your experience been with both forms?

    Thank you!!!!

    • Hello Matt,

      My experience with Savory and Yeomans is that both work. For us, subsoiling and and spreader channels were an add-on to holistic planned grazing and holistic wildlife practices.

      When we bought the new place in Idaho, I assumed that the meadows along the Fall River would be ideal for subsoiling. But once the snow melted and I was able to get on to them for the first time I found them to be completely filled with boulders from the ancient riverbed: impossible to subsoil or for that matter to even mow.

      So we are completely reliant on animals to manage the plants. That was a factor in our decision to try goats: We had to adapt our practices to the physical realities of the property.

      Thanks for your question.

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