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“At Pitchstone Waters we have found that  properly managed goats are the easiest form of fire-control brush management in overgrown forests.


The negative is that this a service which must be paid for.


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Hungry Goats Appreciation Post


From Oakland, California, to Victoria, Australia, goats gobble up grassy brush to help prevent destructive wildfires. Read more about these versatile grazers and the downsides of four-footed firefighting, as the Western U.S. braces for more record-setting fires made worse by climate change.

Fighting Fire with Goats
A surprising hero has emerged to help the world’s wildfire problem ­– the ever-versatile goat.

The pros and cons of a four-footed fire prevention squad
From the US to the Mediterranean, herds of goats are used to rid the earth of grasses and shrubs that could be a fire hazard…

Hungry Firefighting Goats are Helping California Prepare for the 2021 Wildfire Season
Looking to add some fire-proofing to your California ranch? Call a goat!

Goat herd to tame underbrush that feeds Napa Valley wildfires
Calistoga’s Charlotte Williams has started a business renting out goats to graze through Napa Valley’s abundant underbrush that feeds wildfires.

Reagan Presidential library gets its goats; animals help clear dry brush
No entry fee was charged for these visitors at The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library & Museum in Simi Valley this week.

Goat meal: Herd of 2,000 goats descend on East Bay to chomp fire-friendly brush
Three tractor trailer trucks rolled up to the Oakland Hills on Thursday to drop off a herd of grass-eating goats for months of fire prevention

Oregon is trying a furry approach to firefighting: goats
An Oregon city has employed a specialized team to reduce the risk of wildfires—and each member has four hooves.

NV Energy uses grazing goats to prevent wildfire threat
More than 300 goats will be spending eighty days on the hillsides near Carson City chomping away dead grass, trees, and other fire fuels.

Preventing fires with goats in Portugal
Herders in Portugal are going back to old fire prevention methods by using goats and cattle to graze away forests’ easily flammable undergrowth.

How Goats are Regenerating a Forest and Protecting this Town from Bushfire
The work being done by the Goathand Cooperative is not only showing stunning results on the forest floor, it’s having much broader effects: the forest’s wildlife is thriving.

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