Circle Ranch Wildlife Cameras – Summer 2017

Every month we review 5,000 pictures and post a few of the most interesting. What is pictured here is biodiversity. Multiple species are complimentary – not competitive. Ranges need keystone grazers like bison or cattle, lots of predators and lots of prey species. Without all these, the systems come apart.

Our habitat is in excellent condition and it continues to improve.


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For all 600-images posted from this period visit: here

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    • Hello Chad,

      Our game agencies really oppose both these animals which they say are “invasive” “exotics” which “compete” with wild animals and harm habitat. But horses & burros, and their ancestors evolved in our deserts over literally tens of millions of years. And elk were plentiful until European settlement. These animals disappeared due to human impact, but the plants with which they were symbiotic remain. So, as we see it, putting burros and elk back helps restore habitat and wildlife because for countless ages before humans showed up, these species were present alongside deer, bison, pronghorn, sheep, many, many predators and many, many other prey species: complimentary, not competetive. That is a very different way of looking at restoration of wildlife compared to the view held by most agencies, universities and conservation organizations.

      Thanks for writing.

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