Elk Country Chronicles – The Sounds of Elk Country Volume 7

Take a minute to enjoy the peaceful sounds of elk country. With good game management policies, this could be anywhere in far-West Texas. Instead these animals are shot out on all state-managed lands under the scientifically bogus belief that they are non-native ‘invasive’ species that harm bighorn, mule deer and antelope. A tragedy for Texas’ wildlife, hunters, landowners and public.

Ranching, wildlife management, finance, oil & gas, real estate development and management.
  • Would love to see elk moved back to the “native” list here in Texas. It’s a farce they they were ever moved to an invasive species, given their native range was clearly in parts of Texas. Why this convoluted notion isn’t more well known is beside me. One of Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation’s goals is to reintroduce elk to their native land, so for them to have let this happen, in a state that is one of their biggest contributors is ridiculous.

    • Think of how many institutions – health, education, the VA etc. etc – collectively act against their own purposes. Why would Big Wildlife be any different?

      This can only be changed if people like us insist on changing it. Make your views known.

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