Elephant Mountain WMA Management Plan


Elephant Mountain WMA was given to, and accepted by, the Department for the purpose of increasing big game animals which at that time included elk, page 10.   The WMA’s primary goal is stated to be the restoration of native species”, page 29.


I objected to elk extirpation  and requested that elk be managed like any other native species consistent with policy #5, page 29.  In response, the Department has reviewed and reworded its elk policy.  It remains unchanged: elimination of all elk.  The policy is found at pages 17, 30 & 32.   The stated objective is reduction to “…the lowest numbers possible.”  This means shooting all elk on sight.

Exotic shootings as of 2008 are summarized at page 17, wherein it is stated that all elk coming across the WMA will be killed.  Three were shot in 2008.

The Department cites this number as showing that elk shootings are not consequential.  My perspective is that since all elk seen are shot, low shootings show the total elk elimination policy is successful.  Very large areas are effected.  Elk move large distances and a circle with a radius of 30 miles contains 1.8 million acres.

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