CKI Studies Scaled Quail Decline

This study of blue (scaled) quail decline, conducted by  the Caesar Kleberg Institute, finds that brush removal, monocultures of non-native grasses and cattle removal cause blue quail numbers to fall.



The prescriptions would seem obvious: graze cattle in ways that help plants, preserve brush, and get lots of weeds growing alongside your grass.

Equally obvious (but contrary to what is promoted by Big Wildlife): Avoid poisons like glyphosate (Roundup) and tibuthurion (Spike). These kill everything mentioned above, everything else, and over time build up residues in soil and water.  This ‘bio-accumulation’ wreaks havoc on the micro-organic life on which the health of all plants, animals and habitat depend.

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  • This is so saddening. I too have noticed a decline in Scaled quail in arroyos near my home. All due to the the destruction of habitat.

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