Circle Ranch Game Cameras – Winter 2015

Below you will see many wildlife photos showing our mixed species sharing range and water. Note the areas frequented by different species.

Elk do well everywhere, particularly in the desert, which means elk are potential rescue species for empty deserts. Bulls would be worth $10,000 – $15,000 if allowed to reach maturity. Based on experience, observation and photographic evidence, we can say with confidence that these natives have not harmed our bighorn.

Aoudad are found only in our mountains. They are one of the few species able to deliver animal impact to remote rugged areas. They also have hunting value.

Pronghorn, llamas and mule deer are in all areas of the ranch. When llamas concentrate among pronghorn, we find our highest pronghorn fawn survival. Llamas chase away coyotes, which is why they make great guard animals.

The reason biodiversity is good not bad is because species are usually complimentary, not “competitive”. Invasive species believers who say that elk, burros, aoudad, llamas, alpacas, cattle, horses, cougar, coyotes, foxes  –  together accounting for more than half the species pictured here –  should be eliminated,  please note that these animals exhibit no conflict. As documented, the condition of animals and ranges is excellent. Attacks on these species  are scientifically unfounded, and make the systems sick. They hurt the public’s hunting opportunities, and, by lowering potential ranch hunting incomes, are also an attack on property rights.


2-Section: Elk, mule deer, javelina


2-Section Rim: Elk, mule deer, javelina, coyotes

ATTACHMENT DETAILS circle_ranch_game_camera_winter_2015_alpaca_box

Box Canyon Rim:  Pronghorn, mule deer, llamas, bighorn rams


Bull Pasture (desert):  Mule deer, elk


Bezos Rim (mountains):  Mule deer, cattle herd, bighorn


Diablo Peak (highest point on Circle Ranch at 6,500 feet): Bighorn, mule deer, aoudad, fox


Meadows (mountains)  Cattle herd


Oncie Bean Fenceline (mountains) Mule deer, elk, bighorn, javelina


Sheep Tank: Llamas, mule deer, quail, pronghorn


Wood Canyon:  Mule deer, elk, bighorn


Tres Papalotes: Llamas, mule deer, fox


17 Draw Windmill (desert): Elk, mule deer, pronghorn


Lobo Tank (desert): Elk, mule deer, javelina


West Pasture: Circle Ranch remuda, burros, alpaca, wild burros, pronghorn:


(Escarpment rim above ) Indian Cave: Javelina, wild burros, pronghorn, road runner, blue quail, mule deer


West Pasture:  Mule deer, llamas, javelina, bobcat, elk

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  • Chris,
    Your animal diversity is fascinating.
    Especially the part about llamas serving as guard animals for the pronghorn! Would live to visit sometime and see it and rhe range firsthand.
    Mike NcMurry

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