Circle Ranch Game Cameras – August 2016


The reason biodiversity is good not bad is because species are usually complimentary, not “competitive.”

To be healthy, desert ranges need three things: (1) Large, concentrated migratory bison herds, or, cattle grazed to mimic bison’s migratory patterns; (2) a lot of predators of all sizes; and, (3) a high, diverse population of prey species. Remove any of these and the system collapses.

Invasive species believers, including Texas Parks and Wildlife, say that elk, burros, aoudad, llamas, alpacas, cattle, horses, cougar, coyotes, bobcats—together accounting for more than half the species pictured here—should be reduced or eliminated, to ‘protect’ bighorn and mule deer. Attacks on these species are scientifically unfounded, and sicken the ecological systems.

These animals exhibit no conflict. The condition of the animals and the range is excellent. The attacks hurt the public’s hunting opportunities, and, by lowering potential ranch hunting incomes, also attack property rights.

2-Section: Elk & elk calves, pronghorn, mule deer, golden eagles, llamas, javelina & piglets.

2-Section Rim: Bighorn rams, ewes & lambs, mule deer & fawns,golden eagles, eagle & sheep sharing water.

Bezos Rim (mountains): Desert bighorn rams, ewes & lambs, golden eagles.

Box Canyon Rim: Alpacas, llamas, cattle herd, pronghorn,

Bull Pasture (desert): Elk yearling bulls, cows & calves, elk & mule deer, cow, longhorn.

Diablo Peak (highest point on Circle Ranch at 6,500 feet): Golden eagles, bighorn rams, ewes & lambs, mule deer bucks, does & fawns, summer rainstorm on east rim.

Lobo Tank (desert): Longhorn cattle, jackrabbits, elk bulls, cows & calves, buzzards.

Mountain Meadows: Coyotes, Mule deer bucks does & fawns, pronghorn, elk cows & calves, buzzards.

Middle Pasture: Burros, llamas.

Middle Pasture Rim: Javelina, burros, coyotes, bighorn, llamas, golden eagle.

West Pasture Rim: Coyotes, burros, mule deer, llamas, bighorn.

Oncie Bean Fence:  Golden eagle, mule deer, bighorn.

Wood Canyon: Desert Bighorn ewes,rams & lambs, elk yearling bulls, cows & calves, mule deer.

Tres Papalotes: Pronghorn, llamas, alpaca, mule deer, cattle.

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