Chris Gill to Authors And Sponsors of Habitat Guidelines for Mule Deer


Concerning ‘Corrections’ Made in Response to My Letters. In September 2009, I was in Department headquarters in Austin, when I ran into one of the Authors of Habitat Guidelines for Mule Deer. I asked him to explain the faulty science of the Book, and he responded that the PDF version had been corrected.  I was delighted… until I downloaded and read the ‘new’ version.  There was not a single material change to the book.  The range advice remains the same.  With respect to planned grazing, no scientific evidence is alleged to support the conclusions and recommendations which are identical.


The bibliography continues to list the studies:  the new version does not say these support the conclusion but the reasonable inference from their inclusion is that they do so.

So now, the representations that planned grazing harms plants and water function is offered without support.


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