Blue Origin’s January 23, 2019 Rocket Launch in far-West Texas

Blue origin, the private rocket company owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, is based next to Circle Ranch in far-West Texas. Here is a video of their January 23, 2019 launch.

The rocket’s flight lasted 10 minutes, the maximum altitude reached was 66 miles, the maximum speed was about 2200 mph. The rocket landed intact. This was its fourth mission.

In addition to its pioneering effort in space exploration, Blue Origin has made a huge contribution to the Van Horn economy.

The mountains in the background of this video are Circle Ranch and the Sierra Diablos.

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    • Well yes I did. Circle Ranch HQ is across the mountains shown in the video. The contrail was what we saw and the noise is pretty impressive – to put it mildly. The noise was how we knew the launch was underway.

      Thanks for the good wishes.

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