Animal and Plant Biodiversity Restoring Desert Habitats at Circle Ranch


A basic doctrine of wildlife “management” is that nature is under attack by thousands of “invasive” plant and animal species which “compete” with “natives” to “harm ecosystem health.” Analysis of the knowledge supporting this ideology exposes invasive species biology as pseudo-science: biological bigotry, dignified with empirically-hollow buzzwords.

Efforts to eradicate these “invaders” are a boondoggle to generate mostly make-work for agencies and “managers” and poison sales for their cronies in the agrochemical industry.

In fact, many of these so-called “invaders” are native. Others are so close to natives that differences between them are immaterial. Many are condemned based on pre-judgements, not evidence. Most so-called “invaders” usefully fill empty biological niches created by human impact, helping nature heal herself.

Look at these pictures of animals sharing water and free range, and improving habitat in the process, at Circle Ranch in far-West Texas.


2-Section: Javelina including babies, young elk, mule deer.


2-Section Rim: golden eagles, aoudad, desert bighorn rams ewes and lambs, javelina, bull elk, desert mule deer.

17 Windmill: longhorn, mule deer.


Bezos Rim: golden eagles, mule deer, javelina, desert bighorn rams, ewes, yearlings and lambs, mule deer bucks, does, yearlings and fawns.

Bull Pasture: elk calves & cows.


Box Canyon Rim: desert bighorn rams, ewes & lambs, llamas, longhorn, coyotes, alpaca, mule deer.


West Pasture Rim: llamas, alpacas, burros, desert bighorn, mule deer fawns does & bucks, roadrunner, coyotes.


West Pasture Above Indian Cave: burros, javelina, alpacas, horses, mule deer, desert bighorn rams, ewes, yearlings and lambs, golden eagles, pronghorn.


West Pasture: Horses, burros, llamas, mule deer.


Meadows: Mule deer, pronghorn, llamas, elk, jack rabbits, coyotes.


Wood Canyon: Desert bighorn rams, ewes & lambs, javelina, aoudad.


 Tres Papalotes:  Mule deer, llamas, longhorn


Lobo Tank: Elk bulls, cows & calves, buzzards, mule deer, jack rabbits.


Diablo Peak: Javelina, desert bighorn rams,ewes & lambs, mule deer bucks, does & fawns, aoudad, golden eagles.


Oncie’s Fenceline: Bighorn rams, ewes & lambs, aoudad, mule deer bucks, does & fawns, elk, cows & calves, javelina.

At Circle Ranch we are showing that it takes a wide variety of species and a high number of animals to restore plants.

According to Big Wildlife’s voodoo invasive species biology the only permissible animals are those that meet a doctrinal standard it can neither describe nor define. All others by definition do “harm” to “natives” and “eco-system health”, and should be removed if possible.

With the support of NGOs and universities, most of whom share their invasive species beliefs, the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department self-righteously kills many of the animals shown above on properties it manages across far-West Texas. This crusade is an attack on biodiversity which harms wildlife, plants and habitats on its properties and those of its neighbors.

Even worse, the agency eradications set a destructive, unproductive example for private landowners.

“Competition” by “invasive” “aliens” leading to “eco-system harm” is not a problem at Circle. Our problem is keeping pace with all the grass and forage that these animals stimulate. It’s a very good one to have.

To address this “issue,” we will use cattle, another forbidden species. This winter we will run 500-heifers as part of our high-intensity, short-duration grazing management, to deliver the animal impact so necessary to wildlife and plant health.


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  • A sustainable farming friend in California comments:

    Awesome!!!!! I am forwarding this to every “nozzle head” Ag chem person I know, in addition to my local NRCS office.

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