Mule deer, elk and other hooved mammals around the world depend on their ability to migrate between seasonal habitats. Sadly, human activities are impeding migrations and making them harder than ever. Many herds are struggling to migrate in the face of subdivisions, roads, fences, and all kinds of development. Yet, thanks to migration science and maps, we live in a hopeful time for conservation when more and more people are working together to find solutions to all these threats. Efforts like fence modifications, wildlife-road crossings, and conservation easements all make a difference.

Filled with incredible wildlife footage — some never-before-seen — BARRIERS captures the many challenges migrating big game animals encounter on their journeys, and the collaborative solutions that can keep migrations intact long into the future.

BARRIERS was produced by the Wyoming Migration Initiative at the University of Wyoming with support from Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Knobloch Family Foundation, and George B. Storer Foundation. The Muley Fanatic Foundation Southeast Wyoming Chapter provided cameras to capture some of the amazing footage of big game interactions with fences.

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