Back to Nature: Making Money While Restoring The Land

Going against the grain has paid off for these beef producers and even encouraged other conventional farmers to change course.


NOTE: this video was originally published to on May 18, 2019.



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  • One of NRCS’s top range experts in Texas sent me this:


    Hope things are well for you. You will be gratified to know that TWA (Texas Wildlife Association) sponsored a full day conference last week entitled “Grazing Matters”. It was a good event with ranchers, scientists and specialists speaking about the merits of grazing for soil health and wildlife habitat. The emphasis was that grazing can be used as a land management tool to accomplish multiple beneficial purposes and that high density grazing with long recovery periods is the most effective way to achieve good results. I see that this form of grazing is gaining more and more acceptance and credibility. Thanks for your work to help make that happen. – Steve

    To which I replied:

    Hello Steve,

    Great news. Now we are applying these ideas to the restoration of forest floors in Idaho – next to Yellowstone Park. Come visit and see how we are doing this. Tell me the month and I will offer specific dates.

    All the best,

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