Baby Turkey: June 10, 2010


Here are ten little turkey at the Bunkhouse.


We think we have around 20 hatched so far and another few hens still nesting.  There is another group in the desert. TPWD’s Turkey Task Force, directed by Vernon Bevil,  helped us reintroduce this wonderful animal.

This hatch is coming during what normally is our driest period: late spring and early summer.  But look at how green our plants are. This is because this winter was the wettest in memory.

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  • Vernon Bevil, who has coached through the turkey project, said this:”That is cool Chris…..Hope you get about 10 or 12 more hens with little ones like that…..If she raises 4 or 5 that will be good…..4 X10 raised poults would be good…..If you actually gain 24 to 30 by August, you will have had a very good year.”VB

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