Invasive Species Eradications: “The Rest of the Story”

Invasive Species Eradications: "The Rest of the Story"

If you have bought into Big Wildlife’s ‘invasive species crisis,’ and believe that eradicating and poisoning of  ‘invasive’ species of plants and wild animals are based on science, or benefit ecosystems including wildlife and habitat, you need to hear “The Rest of the Story.”


David I. Theodoropoulos directs the Las Sombras Biological Preserve in La Honda, California and is the author of Invasion Biology: Critique of a Pseudoscience the first comprehensive refutation of invasion biology.  His talk “Invasion Biology — Science or Pseudoscience?” provides a brief overview of invasion biology’s scientific failings, and current scientific perspectives on invasive species.

Theodoropolous traces the disaster of current practices and offers common sense alternatives that benefit wild animals and terrestrial and marine habitats.


For a detailed analysis of how these eradications and poisonings are affecting animals specific to far-West Texas, including Desert Bighorn Sheep, Go Here , or click the topic tags appearing below and alongside this piece.

Ranching, wildlife management, finance, oil & gas, real estate development and management.
  • I found this link (below) at the closing page of the invasive species video of what happened to be an Environmental Law Conference presentation. The video at this link happens to also have a Eugene, Oregon, connection (the interviewee) and discusses what could be the root cause of desertification:

    I am very interested conceptually in desert grassland restoration and would love to visit your ranch someday soon. For years I have pondered that big “blank” space on the map labelled Sierra Diablo.

    I now live near Ft. Stockton with my wife, Iselda, who is from Santa Elena and Terlingua (her secondary and bachelor education in having been in Alpine). In fact I had fallen in love with TransPecos and Big Bend years before I met her, having lived in San Antonio from ’79-’81.

  • David Theodoropolous sent me the message which appears below:

    Dear Mr. Gill,

    Sorry to take so long to get back to you – a recent death in the family
    (not unexpected – old age, fortunately) has kept us busy dealing with
    all of the clean-up and settling of affairs.

    Anyway, thank you so much for your excellent work! I am literally taking
    my hat off to you as I type this (I set it on the desk).

    I really applaud the high quality of the web pages you have created, and
    how you are addressing the issues. I’m going to have to spend some time
    looking over your website in detail when things settle down here. I have
    to say I am very impressed.

    It seems that the tide is really turning on invasion hysteria. I’ve been
    in touch with people all over the world who are fighting the same kind
    of destruction. If I ever get time, I would like to create a web-page
    just listing all of the various people and organizations that are on
    “our side”, just as a resource for people looking for alternative views,
    local support, strategizing, etc.

    As for my recent efforts, I’m afraid I haven’t done much since the
    publication of the book. A number of complications in my personal life
    have kept me busy this last decade, and haven’t left much time for
    continuing my studies of the subject. I had hoped to write a second
    edition, but I don’t know if that will ever happen – life is just too
    short! But it looks like others are carrying on the work, since a number
    of other books have been published along the same lines.

    Thanks again for your work, and for getting in touch. I’m really glad
    you are out there! West Texas is one of the most beautiful places I’ve
    ever visited, and you are a fortunate man to have a place there.

    Best Wishes,


    David Theodoropoulos
    Las Sombras Biological Preserve
    P.O. Box 337
    La Honda, CA 94020

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