A Bird’s-eye view of the Dingambombwe Conservancy Cattle Herd

Here is a great aerial time lapse visual of Africa Center for Holistic Management (ACHM) herd moving through the conservancy regenerating as they go.

Note: With many thanks to the ACHM newsletter, where this was posted in June 2023.



These animals are concentrated by using human herders. They are now behaving like wild animals bunched up to protect themselves from predators. Compare the animal impact from this herd with what the Yellowstone Park bison herds do: It’s completely different.


Intensive human herding works, however because of American labor costs, it is difficult and often cost-prohibitive in the US. Cutting edge electric collar technology could make concentrating animals easier and more affordable, offering an easy-to-use new tool for restorative grazing, especially on public ranges and forests where fences and vehicles are often prohibited.


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